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AKS welding methods are designed to accommodate any application and environment.

Welding methods

While welding is a common technique used worldwide, the conditions under which the welding is performed is unique to each application.

AKS Lining Systems uses three welding methods to install AKS – extrusion welding, double hot wedge welding and butt welding, each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses, making it vital that the correct welding method is matched to the specific application.

Extrusion welding

Extrusion welding is the most versatile method of jointing. In this procedure, welding rod (which is manufactured from the same raw material as AKS) is drawn into the extrusion machine, melted and extruded onto the overlap of the AKS sheets to form a welded bridge across the two sheets.

The mobility of the equipment makes this method ideal for on-site welding and it is the only welding method that can be used to join sheets after they have been cast into the concrete.

Double Hot Wedge Welding

This method is used to prefabricate large panels on-site, prior to installation. In this process, two sheets are overlapped approximately 50mm and a hot wedge moves between the overlap, heating the AKS sheets.

Two rollers then press the heated material together, forming two parallel welds separated by a small test channel. This is the fastest method of on-site welding and it also greatly simplifies the joint testing process.

Butt welding

Butt welding is used in prefabricated applications and requires the use of large equipment, in a workshop environment.

In this process, two sheets are laid alongside each other with their edges inserted into the welder. The welder then automatically heats the edges, removes the heating element and presses the sheets together.

Butt welding is the most efficient form of welding and it is also the fastest and neatest welding method available.


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