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The AKS System

A perfect combination of two very different, yet complimentary, materials.

Anchor Knob Sheet (AKS) is a “state of the art”, robust concrete protection liner system. It is designed to protect concrete structures in chemically aggressive environments.

This “cast-in” liner is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), ensuring peerless performance and easy customization of the product to suit a wide range of applications and requirements.

AKS is a high quality liner, enhanced through the formation of anchor knobs on one surface.

The knobs are formed during the manufacture of the AKS sheeting and not welded or glued to the sheet in a secondary process.

This provides total homogeneity between the knobs and the sheet, ensuring the highest possible adhesion to the structure and maximum reliability.

AKS has a wide range of concrete protection applications and can be installed in new or existing concrete structures, as well as existing brick structures by using a grouting procedure.

This significantly lengthens the service life of such structures, whilst also minimising maintenance costs.

Concrete protection applications

AKS can be used in most industrial applications where corrosion protection of concrete is required.

  • Sewers, pipes and manholes
  • Tunnels and shafts
  • Chutes
  • Channels
  • Storage tanks
  • Bunds
  • Sumps
  • Wash bays
  • Digester Soffits
  • Loading Bays
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Piles
  • Pile Caps
  • Desalination Plants

Evolution of Concrete Protection Systems

An evolutionary process has resulted in “cast-in” liners emerging as the dominant concrete protection system world wide

Concrete has been used as a structural material for over 2000 years. However, the massive industrial progress made over the past 150 years has resulted in more aggressive environments, which have significantly reduced the life span of unprotected concrete structures.

These increasingly demanding operating conditions created a need for more sophisticated corrosion protection solutions. While the advent of coatings extended the service life of concrete structures, it was only successful in delaying the inevitable and provided no long term solutions. Tiling and brick based solutions enjoyed limited success, but required maintenance, along with the associated costs and downtime.

The focus then shifted towards mechanically fixed and glued liners, which aimed at utilising the proven protective qualities of plastic linings. Unfortunately, this still did not provide the ultimate solution due to the difficulties in forming an adequate bond between the lining and the concrete structure.

This evolutionary process moved the industry towards a new concept in concrete protection – “cast-in” concrete protection liners. This system uses the robust qualities of plastic linings, but enhances their design through the creation of a close matrix of anchor knobs, which permanently secure the sheeting to the structure.

At last a system has been created which successfully and reliably adapts superior sheeting technology to an age-old construction material. AKS Lining Systems has taken this “cast-in” liner concept and perfected its design through the development of Anchor Knob Sheet (AKS) technology, which surpasses all concrete protection alternatives on both cost saving and performance.

Superior Concrete Protection

Superior Mechanical & Chemical Protection.

Mechanical Protection

A key factor in the success of AKS is its ability to bridge cracks in the concrete structure. This ability offers a distinct advantage over coating systems, which depend entirely on the integrity of the substrate

AKS has been successful where coatings have failed.

AKS allows for some movement of the supporting structure, while remaining securely in place through the closely spaced matrix of anchor knobs, each able to withstand substantial pull-off forces. It will maintain its integrity even in situations where the concrete structure itself has cracked.

Chemical Protection

The various polymers used for the manufacture of AKS (HDPE) are highly resistant to chemical attack. Their ultimate selection will be based on their specific attributes such as temperature tolerance and flexibility. The AKS system combines the economy and versatility of concrete structures with the robust qualities of plastic linings, to provide the perfect solution to concrete protection.

AKS acts as a second skin for concrete structures – firmly anchoring itself to the structure and forming a protective layer able to withstand abrasion and harsh chemical environments.

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