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Global Concrete Protection Projects

Sewerage Project, Australia

Client: Alkimos Water Alliance
Pre-cast Concrete Pipe Manufacturer: Zublin International

Lining Material

47 500m2 of 2.5mm thick pale green AKS

Alkimos-tunnel Pipe Internal Diameter and Tunnel Length: 2.0m ID and 7.6km alkimos-Precast The 2,0 m Internal Diameter jacking pipes were vertically cast in lengths of 3,0 m each. A 2,5 mm thick, green AKS was incorporated into the pipe as a full 360 deg lining. Alkimos-pipes-lined-up Pipe jacking and open cut excavation techniques were used for the installation of the pipeline. Prior to placement in the jacking pits, the pipes are fitted with a carefully designed frame to support all the services required for the jacking operation. This frame ensures minimum damage to the lined AKS surface during the jacking process. alkimos-Joint-Weld After the completion of the pipeline, capping strips were installed over each joint to ensure a watertight installation. The capping strips were installed using extrusion welding.

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