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Global Concrete Protection Projects

Global Village, UAE Dubai

Development Road and Infrastructure Works Phase 3

Client: Global Village – Tatweer
Consultant: Cansult maunsell Ltd
Main Contractor: Bin Laden Contracting
AKS Installation Contractor & Distributor: Western International Insulation Materials L.L.C


27 000m2 of blue LLDPE

canal 1.5mm thick pale blue LLDPE smooth liner, formulated for long term UV exposure, being installed to walls and floors of ponds and canals at the Global Village project in Dubai. Blue-Team The rolls of liner were uncoiled and welded in-situ, using double wedge welders for floor surfaces and extrusion welders for detail work and wall surfaces. The liner was clamped and sealed along its top edge to walls. Floor liner was loose laid on concrete surfaces. Vertical joints to wall liner were extrusion welded. big-pond-2 All welds were pressure and spark tested for integrity to ensure a water-tight installation. LLDPE AKS’s LLDPE was selected for this project due to the product’s excellent flexibility and ease of installation. AKS Lining Systems could also produce the specific blue colour which enhances the visual appearance of the waterways.


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