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Outside Corner Weld


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Standard Extrusion Overlap Weld

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AKS UV resistant?

Yes – Short term protection is provided against UV degradation for all colours, but long-term protection will require the liner to be black in colour, as the incorporation of carbon black ensures the best and most economical long term protection for HDPE.

In what colours can AKS be produced?

AKS is available in an array of colours and can be produced to meet project specific demands.

Can AKS be glued together?

No. AKS is produced from virgin grade High Density Polyethylene and is chemically inert. Welding is used to bind and seal AKS together.

How flexible is AKS?

AKS can be formed to fit various forms. It can be bent into any diameter from ±100mm upwards, depending on the thickness.

How many m² of AKS will fit in a Container?

When loading AKS Rolls into a 40ft HC Container, you can fit ±3,300m². When AKS is loaded as flat sheets into a 40ft HC Container, you can fit ±5,000m².

How do you weld AKS?

There are three main methods for welding AKS, namely: Wedge Welding; Extrusion Welding and Butt-welding.

What sheet widths does AKS come in?

The sheets can be produced in any widths up to 3.4m wide.

To which chemicals are AKS resistant?

AKS is produced form High Density Polyethylene, which is chemically inert. Please contact us for the Chemical Resistance Data Sheet.

Aggregate size

Aggregate size is not limited by the use of AKS. The knobs are designed to provide outstanding anchorage, regardless of whether small or large aggregate is used in pre-cast or in-situ cast installations – so long as the mix is dense / well-graded.

Strength of concrete

Concrete should be designed to deal with the structural requirements of the project. AKS will provide excellent pull-off resistance when used in sound concrete, which is free of honey-combing and laid in accordance with generally accepted good practices.

Height of pour

All aspects of normal concrete mix design, placing and vibration apply – except where specifically mentioned.


A further benefit of using AKS is that it provides a permanent waterproof skin to the concrete, which traps the water in the mix and ensures good hydration behind all lined surfaces.

Cleaning and repairs

A definite advantage of the AKS system is the ease at which it can be repaired and maintained. Cleaning is also not a problem.

Removal of knobs

Wherever necessary, knobs can simply and cleanly be removed with an AKS Lining System knob cutter.

Adhesion to shutterboard

Double side tape offers an excellent method of adhering AKS to timber or steel formwork. Contact AKS Lining Systems for further details.

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